Guide to referencing in IELTS writing

Referencing helps with coherence and cohesion in IELTS writing.

Updated: September 2022

Having a cohesive and coherent essay is very important for your overall band score in both writing tasks in IELTS, especially writing task 2. You should always make your writing as easy as possible for the reader to follow and it should be easy to understand. In the IELTS exam the reader will be the examiner.

One way to improve your cohesion is to use pronouns or object pronouns to reduce repetition. This is mentioned in the marking criteria for writing under ‘Referencing’.

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IELTS Grammar: Instead / Instead of / Rather than

How to use instead / instead of / rather than.

When writing essays in IELTS task 2 (it also comes in handy for the speaking test) you will need to use ‘instead’ or ‘rather than’ to show preference, changing trends, opinions or facts. Here are some sentences based on the topic of technology and internet use.

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