Before choosing IELTS Focus for your writing correction service and IELTS mock speaking service, take a look at what some people have said about their experience with us.

Below is a selection of reviews and testimonials. There are also reviews from people on Facebook who have commented about the blog and the free assistance I have given them.

Many Thanks

Jagjot from India got an overall Band 6.5 using my free materials with some assistance from me. He can now start his masters degree in Australia.

After trying for 3 years, Kanako from Tokyo finally got overall Band 7, with some help from my speaking session and writing corrections.

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Ryosuke from Japan got his best score ever of Band 8 overall after one to one coaching and writing corrections.


Mohamad from Syria got Band 6.5 overall after using my Speaking and Writing service.


Flora from Mexico went from Band 6.5 to Band 7 in writing, after using the Writing and Speaking service.

Vineet from India got a Band 8 in speaking after using the Speaking Correction Service

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Ketan from India got Band 9 in Speaking after using my Speaking Correction Service


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These were his scores:

ielts band 9


Anh from Vietnam went from Band 6 to Band 7 in writing

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Roula from Syria went from Band 6 to  Band 7.5 in writing !

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Alhaji from Nigeria went from Band 6 to Band 7 in writing

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Miguel from Spain went from Band 6.5 to Band 7 in writing:

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Wang from China learnt a lot from my feedback

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Camille from the Philippines was stuck at Band 6.5 and got a Band 7 in writing

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Atsushi from Japan was stuck at Band 5 and reached Band 6 in Speaking

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Manjit from India was stuck at Band 5 and scored Band 6 in writing

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Mohamed from Saudi Arabia went from Band 7 to 7.5 in speaking:


Suresh from Nepal:

Facebook reviews:

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