IELTS Writing Correction Service

Are you still stuck at Band 6 or 6.5 in IELTS writing?

With this IELTS writing correction service, you will get detailed feedback to discover your weak areas in writing so you can fix them. However, you need to set aside the time to work on fixing your weaknesses and be prepared to do the work necessary. Make sure you give yourself a minimum of a few weeks of preparation before taking the exam.

I have been teaching IELTS since 2009 and I have noticed that most students struggle with the writing tasks. This is because many students do not have a reliable IELTS teacher to show them what mistakes they are making. In addition, many IELTS students have unrealistic expectations, such as aiming for a Band 7 from a Band 6 with only one week to practice.

See this video here about having realistic expectations before you book your exam.

Many students do not get accurate feedback on their writing.

  • Are you still making the same mistakes again and again in your writing?
  • Are you still struggling to get past Band 6 in your essays?
  • Maybe you are tired of getting different advice from different teachers.
  • Good feedback on your writing is crucial if you want to see where you are going wrong.

I can help you hit your target score in IELTS writing

  • I will show you exactly what mistakes you are making and give you suggestions for improving your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Through this correction service, you will get personal feedback on your writing and you can contact me personally by email if you have any questions or problems.
  • Your essay will be marked according to the official IELTS marking criteria: Task Response, Coherence, and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, Grammatical range, and accuracy.
  • You will get detailed feedback and a Band score for each of the criteria. You will also get video feedback showing what areas you need to fix.
  • The corrections include a Band 8+ model answer essay to compare with.
  • This all includes links to resources and lessons online showing you how to fix your weak points in writing.

How would you feel going into the IELTS exam with confidence?

You will save money, time, and stress and get the expert advice that you need. If you were to enroll in an IELTS writing course in a language school it could take weeks or months and it would be very expensive. Using a correction service with an experienced IELTS teacher fast-tracks the process and it’s more cost-effective.

How does it work? What happens when you buy this service?

  • You will get a PDF with a list of Writing Task 2 questions and Writing task 1 (general and academic)
  • Choose the task you want to write about and email your writing back to me in your own time.
  • I will clean it up and correct it with detailed feedback, suggestions on grammar and vocabulary, a Band score for each criteria, advice on how to improve, and a model answer. Then It will be emailed back to you in PDF format within 36 hours
  • You will get 4 to 5 pages of feedback (includes corrections, band scores, and model answer)
  • You will also get free links to lessons showing you how to improve on your weak points in writing.
  • Video feedback is included using Loom video software (15-minute feedback video)
  • Through this process you can fix your weak areas and feel confident in reaching your target Band score.

Can I see a sample of a correction?

Yes, Click here to see a sample of a recent essay from a student who was stuck at band 6. It includes band scores and a model answer with video feedback.


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How do I purchase?

Click the buy now button below and type in your details. You will see 2 payment methods either PayPal or Credit Card. This transaction is 100% safe and secure.

Once you purchase you will get an email with an order number and a link where you can download the example task questions. Choose a question, write your essay, email it back to me and I will get to work on correcting it. This package will contain detailed written and video feedback, a clean up of grammar, suggestions for improvement, recommended links, Band scores, and a model essay.

All prices are in US Dollars.

If you have any questions email: [email protected]

Make sure you prepare well before booking the exam.
Watch this video first before purchasing

Note: If you are purchasing one correction it means just one,  not a task 1 and a task 2. So choose either to send an essay or a task 1.

email [email protected] for the payment link

email [email protected] for the payment link

email [email protected] for the payment link

email [email protected] for the payment link


Does one correction include writing task 1 and writing task 2?

No, it means one piece of writing. Either choose writing task 1 or writing task 2. For example, if you purchase 3 corrections that means only 3 pieces of writing. So for example, you could choose to send me two essays and one task 1 report.

Is my information secure on your site?

When you pay for this service it will go through a special secure payment gateway. This is 100% safe and secure, your payment does not get processed through this website. I do not keep any of your personal information apart from your email address and name, which is never shared with anyone and I never send spam. I do not have any record of your credit card number. This is processed through a special secure payment platform (Stripe or Paypal) and used by them only.

Can I pay with PayPal or Cryptocurrency?

Yes, PayPal is an option, once you have entered your address just click the PayPal button. All prices are in US Dollars. If you wish to pay with crypto please email us to arrange that.

Do you correct General and Academic essays?

Yes, both types are corrected (general and academic essays are the same actually), also writing task 1 general and academic.

Can I send you essays on different days?

Yes, I recommend sending one essay first, waiting for the feedback then send the next essay. This way you will learn from my corrections.

When do I have to send you the essays?

You can send in your essays anytime you like, it is flexible… but weekends tend to be busy so it’s best to send them during the week.

How long will it take to get my corrected essay back?

You will get your corrected essay back within 36 hours. However, if you email the essay on a Saturday it won’t be returned until Monday as we are closed on Sundays.

Where can I get the IELTS task questions?

When you make a purchase you can then download a PDF with many questions that cover IELTS academic task 1 and task 2 as well as IELTS general. Please use the tasks from this PDF. If you use your own tasks make sure they are not from a fake IELTS website.  They should be from Cambridge or a trusted IELTS source, such as or the British Council.

Can I use my own questions?

Yes, as mentioned in the answer above but they have to be IELTS questions from official IELTS sources such as or official Cambridge IELTS exam books. If you do not have these then please choose a question from the PDF that you get when you purchase.

Can you guarantee a Band 7 or 8?

No, nobody can guarantee a high band score, be careful of any school promising a high IELTS score. The purpose of the correction service is to show you what mistakes you are making and guide you in the right way. The correction service includes valuable feedback and an overall band score for each of the marking criteria. It also includes a model answer which is there to show you how a good essay is structured and what the examiner is looking for.

I am stuck at Band 5.5, my test is soon so can I get a Band 7 in two weeks?

No, jumping from a Band 5.5 to a Band 7 will take time and effort. You have to be realistic and you need to work on your weak points to improve. This takes a while. The learning process may take many months, it depends on your motivation levels and your study schedule. From a Band 6.5 to Band 7 is more realistic in a shorter period, as long as you work hard on fixing your weak areas. See this video here

Do I get video feedback?

Yes, I will upload a private video accessible to you only with extra detailed feedback and I walk you through the corrections. These are usually around 15 minutes long.

If there are any questions not listed, please email me at  [email protected]

Many Thanks


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