IELTS TFNG reading tips.

Tips for IELTS Reading.

To successfully answer IELTS True False not Given questions and Yes No Not Given questions, you can use exactly the same technique. The difference is that Yes No Not Given texts are based on the writers opinion,  whereas TFNG texts are based on facts.

Take at look at the graphic below for some ideas to help you.

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IELTS Reading: summary completion lesson

7 tips and an exercise for summary completion (gap fills)

Updated:  September 2023

In IELTS reading, the summary completion tasks are gap fill exercises and these are a summary of the text. It could be about 4 to 6 sentences or it could be a whole paragraph. In this case, you need to either choose the correct word from a list, or there may not be a choice of words so you have to decide what words match.

There are 2 types of summary completion tasks in IELTS. In most cases, the answers are in order in the passage. Understanding paraphrasing and how to spot synonyms are key skills that need to be developed here, not just in summary completion tasks but for IELTS reading overall.

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IELTS Reading: guessing meaning from context

Learn about the most important skill in IELTS reading.

Updated: September 2023.

In the IELTS reading exam, you can’t look up words in a dictionary, and you won’t be able to understand every single word. Furthermore, you shouldn’t read the whole text as you won’t have the time.

Understanding where to find the answers and spotting how words are paraphrased is a crucial skill. The reading section is really about vocabulary, so you must work on developing your vocabulary.

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IELTS reading: matching headings lesson

matching headings ieltsIELTS Reading: Matching headings tips, paraphrasing, and an exercise.

Updated: September 2023.

In the IELTS reading section, there are many types of tasks and you will get 3 different types of reading tasks to answer in this section of the exam.

One of the most challenging for many students is the ‘matching headings’  questions. For this task, you need to match headings to the paragraphs and there are always more headings than you need.

The ‘matching headings’ task tests your ability to understand the difference between the main idea and a supporting point. Matching heading questions can be quite challenging so practice this as much as possible using mock tests from the Cambridge IELTS books.

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IELTS Reading: ‘True False Not Given’ strategies

IELTS true false not givenTechniques and tips for IELTS reading ‘True False Not Given’

Updated: September 2023.

Many IELTS students have problems with True False Not Given and Yes No Not Given texts. Once you understand the techniques and you have fully practiced this type of question, then you will realise they are easier than you think.

IELTS reading is testing your vocabulary so being able to spot paraphrases, collocations, synonyms, and speed reading is crucial. The techniques are the same for Yes No Not Given questions but ‘Yes, No, Not Given’ texts are about the writer’s opinions, not facts.

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