IELTS 18 model answer on university studies

ielts writing paraphrasingIELTS discussion essay model answer about university studies.

This model answer is based on the topic of university education and whether students should learn about other subjects. It’s a discussion essay so I need to cover both sides and give my clear opinion.

The task was taken from the Cambridge IELTS 18 book.  As I have stated before in earlier posts, use authentic IELTS material when you are practicing. You can get these from the Cambridge IELTS books, the most recent being IELTS 18.

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IELTS 18 writing task 1 bar chart model answer

ielts bar chart model answerModel answer for an IELTS bar chart on USA household income.

Here is a tricky IELTS academic task that I wrote a model answer for from the Cambridge IELTS 18 book. As I mentioned in posts before, always use authentic material such as IELTS Cambridge books or British Council material when practicing because there is a lot of fake IELTS stuff on the internet.

This task was quite difficult to write about as I had to spend longer than usual analysing the bar chart and I needed to plan the report to make it as concise as possible.

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