Writing task 1: line graph model answer IELTS 17

Model answer: line graph about shop openings and closures.

This task was taken from the IELTS 17 academic book from Cambridge and shows a typical line graph with dynamic data over an 8-year period. It’s in the past so I will use the past tense. I mentioned the sharp drop in 2015 in the overview as this is something that really stands out. Usually, I don’t mention specific details (years) in the overview though.

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IELTS discussion essay model answer IELTS 17

IELTS discussion essay modelIELTS discussion essay about work and migration.

This is a model answer I wrote based on the topic of work and migration from the recent Cambridge IELTS 17 practice book. Always use authentic writing tasks from Cambridge, IDP, and the British Council when practicing for IELTS.

In a discussion essay, you must cover both sides and then give your opinion on the side you agree with. In this blog post, there is a useful structure that you can use for a discussion essay. Make sure you also use specific language for a discussion essay to write about what people think, click here to see what language to use.

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