Writing task 1: line graph model answer IELTS 17

Model answer: line graph about shop openings and closures.

This task was taken from the IELTS 17 academic book from Cambridge and shows a typical line graph with dynamic data over an 8-year period. It’s in the past so I will use the past tense. I mentioned the sharp drop in 2015 in the overview as this is something that really stands out. Usually, I don’t mention specific details (years) in the overview though.

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IELTS Listening lesson: Maps

Labelling a Map in IELTS listening.

Listening to directions for a map can be quite tricky for some people. In IELTS listening you often get a map where you have to listen to someone giving directions and then label that map. This lesson should help you when you are faced with this in the exam.

The main language you need here is location language and prepositions of place.

This kind of task comes up usually in part 2 of the listening section but you could also get it in other sections of the listening test. Nearly always it is one person speaking, such as a tour guide or someone showing people around a building.

Sometimes you will be given a list of words to match the gaps with. Other map tasks just have a gap, so you will need to pick up the words from listening only.

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