Grammar Lesson: Most/ Almost / Almost all

Mini grammar lesson: using Almost all / Most / Almost.

Let’s take a look at some common grammar mistakes using the word most and almost. Remember the IELTS examiners mark you on your grammar in the speaking and writing section.

Wrong: Almost the people in my office are from London.”

Correct: Almost all the people in my office are from London”

In the correct example above it is also possible to say “Most of the people in my office are from London.” There is no difference in meaning.

In the correct example below, putting ‘of’ beforeBritish people’ is not possible.

Almost British people drink tea.”

Most British people drink tea”

Almost all British people drink tea”



A) Almost + verb/ everyone/ everything/ anyone/ anybody / nobody


1. Almost anyone can ride a bike.

2. I almost broke the cup.

3. Almost nobody spoke to the new employee.

4. Almost everything he earned he worked hard for.

5. My car almost ran out of petrol, luckily i found a petrol station.

B) Almost all + noun /
Most + noun / Almost all of + noun


1. Almost all cats like fish.

2. Most cats look cute.

3. Almost all of the cats I saw were fluffy.

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