What’s more important? grammatical range or accuracy?

Let’s take a look at grammatical range and accuracy in IELTS writing.

Many IELTS test takers think that they need to have a wide range of grammar for a high score in grammatical range and accuracy in the writing section. This is only partly true. If you have a wide range of grammar but it is not accurate then it will not score very high.

My advice is to focus on accuracy rather than range at the start and when you get confident with accuracy you develop your range of grammar. You need to think of the reader when writing and essay. If you are just trying to impress the examiner then you are not considering the overall coherence of the essay. Keep it concise and simple. Of course, if you have a consistently wide range of grammar with good accuracy then you are well on the way to a Band 7 or more.

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IELTS grammar: articles and countable / uncountable nouns

Common IELTS grammar mistakes.

Updated: January 2024

The most common mistakes I see in writing are with articles (the, a, an) and countable/uncountable nouns. Over many years of marking IELTS essays and listening to students when speaking, I have noticed these same mistakes consistently.

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