IELTS bar chart model answer: coffee and tea drinking habits

IELTS bar chart comparing coffee and tea drinking in 5 Australian cities.

This bar chart is from an old IELTS practice book, Cambridge IELTS 15, but it is a good example of a bar chart that does not show trends or dynamic data. This is static data over one main period (over 4 weeks) so in this case I need to compare by using comparatives and superlatives. I advise practicing static data tasks as these are common in IELTS academic writing task 1 and you may get one in the exam.

It is also important to cover all the cities but it needs to be concise at under 190 words if possible. A task 1 report of 200 words or more is too long and you will not have time to write a very long report in the exam.

In terms of the timeframe for grammar, I wrote this in the past tense as the research was carried out in the past. You could still use the present tense here and it would be correct.

Model Answer

IELTS bar chart IELTS 15 coffee and tea
Source: Cambridge IELTS 15 book.

The chart illustrates research findings for coffee and tea purchases and drinking habits among five cities in Australia over four weeks.  Overall, those who went to a cafe for coffee or tea represented the highest percentages followed by the instant coffee category, whereas people who purchased fresh coffee constituted the lowest figures. 

Looking at the category for people who went to a cafe for coffee or tea, the data for Melbourne and Hobart were almost the same, accounting for approximately 63%. This was followed by Sydney and Brisbane at just over 60% and a little over 55% respectively. The figure for Adelaide comprised just under 50%, which was the lowest figure in this category. 

Regarding fresh coffee purchases, Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart numbered around 44%, just over 43%, and approximately 37% respectively. The data for both Adelaide and Brisbane were similar, consisting of just under 35%. For the instant coffee group, Hobart indicated the highest figure at nearly 55%, followed by Brisbane and Adelaide at around 53% and 50% respectively. Sydney residents consumed the least amount of instant coffee totalling just over 45%.      

180 words 
Green = comparisons vocabulary
Red = vocabulary for reporting on data

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