Writing task 1: maps model answer IELTS 17

Present-future maps for IELTS academic writing task 1.

Updated: November 2023

Maps and floor plan diagrams are common in IELTS academic writing task 1 so you need to practice them. In this post, I will look at a present-future map of  Norbiton town from the Cambridge book IELTS 17. Always use authentic practice material from either Cambridge, IDP, or the British council when practicing.

In terms of the language needed for this type of task, check out this post here on how to report on how things will change in the future for maps or floor plans.

The Task

Source: Cambridge IELTS 17

Model Answer

The maps illustrate an industrial zone in Norbiton town currently and a proposed redevelopment scheme for the whole area.

Overall, Norbiton will become more residential, so the factories will be demolished to make way for new housing. Moreover, two new roads and a mini roundabout are set to be built along with new shops, a medical centre, and a school.

Looking at the current layout, a main road runs from east to west with a roundabout in the middle, which is surrounded by factories that extend to the east. In the north, farmland is situated over the river. There are currently no houses or other facilities in this industrial zone.

Regarding redevelopment, from the central roundabout a new road is designated to extend north and a bridge is to be constructed over the river with plans for new housing on the farmland. In addition, a road extending northwest with housing and shops is earmarked for construction. Next to the new mini roundabout, a medical centre is expected to be built. To the east, a school and playground are proposed with extra residential facilities. Notably, no factories are set to remain in the plans.

185 words

Analysis and Structure

  • The word count is 185 words, which is long enough for IELTS writing task 1. There is no need to write more than 190 words here as you only have 20 minutes to write this. But keep it over 150 words if you can.
  • The introduction paraphrases the task and an overview is essential if you want a band 7 or more. The overview just summarises the main features, but it must be concise without going into too much detail.
  • The first main body paragraph covers the current map and the second main body paragraph covers the proposed changes in the future in more detail.
  • You will need to use the right grammar and vocabulary for this task, so see this link for detail on grammar and vocabulary: ieltsfocus.com/ielts-floor-plan
  • Here is another lesson with key vocabulary for maps tasks in IELTS: ieltsfocus.com/maps

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