Writing task 1: Lesson and model answer for a floor plan

How to write about a floor plan in IELTS academic writing task 1.

Updated: January 2024

Here is an interesting IELTS academic task 1 question below. Be prepared as something similar could appear in writing task 1 academic. It’s not a map or a process diagram, it’s a floor plan. You will also notice it has two time periods. The present and plans for the future.

It is essential to analyse the task and its main features and then plan your writing before starting your report. Total planning for task 1 should be around 4 minutes. Remember that you need to paraphrase the introduction and give an overview of the key features for a good band score.

The floor plan task


IELTS writing task 1 floor plan model answer

Source: Cambridge academic IELTS 13, page 94

Grammar for this task

I will need the present tense and the future tense to describe this plan/diagram. I would also recommend organising the information into the present (main body 1) and future (main body 2).

I will need to describe location in this task. It’s important to get the right prepositions here, for example:

  • to the west of the pool

  • to the east

  • next to the pool

  • behind the pool

  • to the rear of the pool

  • either side of the sports centre

  • toward the east wing

  • in the west wing

  • adjacent to the pool

  • across from the sports hall

  • in the reception area

  • beside the sports hall

Describing expected changes

Here are some example sentences for describing changes that could be used in a diagram or floor plan like in this task. As you can see some are in the passive voice and show a future form.

  • The reception area will be redeveloped

  • There are plans to build dance studios

  • A large indoor leisure pool is set to be built

  • The outdoor courts are earmarked for removal

  • The outdoor courts will be removed

  • The gym is going to be expanded

  • The gym is expected to be expanded

  • There are proposals for a new sports hall

  • A new sports hall is planned

  • There are plans for new facilities such as..


It is essential to include an introduction, an overview and 2 main body paragraphs.

  • Grouping the information is important for a logical report.

  • Aim for around 160 to 180 words for a full response.

  • Never write a conclusion and do not write any opinion.

  • Write factually and logically.

  • Paraphrase the introduction.

  • For the overview, pick out the key features and don’t go into details.

Model answer

So let’s take a look at the task again with a model answer. Click the blue button below.

IELTS writing task 1 floor plan model answer


The plans illustrate the current layout of a university sports complex and proposals for its redevelopment. Overall, the university sports centre is expected to become much bigger with new recreational facilities planned such as dance studios, a leisure pool, shops and a sports hall.

At present, behind the reception area, there is a 25-metre indoor pool with a changing room and a seating area on either side, including a gym toward the rear of the building. In addition, there are two separate outdoor courts adjacent to the main building on the east and west side.

Regarding future plans, the outdoor courts are set to be removed and the building is planned to be upgraded to a self-contained sports facility. The current pool is going to remain as it is and a large leisure pool with a changing room is expected to be built in the west wing. Moreover, a proposed sports centre in the east wing will include dance studios and a changing room. There are also proposals for a sports shop and a cafe in the reception area.

180 words

I merged the overview with the introduction as the introduction was very short.


Writing task 1 carries half the points of writing task 2; however, it is still important to get task 1 right. If you write a strong task 2 and overlook task 1 then you could still end up with a Band 6.

So for example:  if your task 1 is Band 6 and your task 2 is band 7, that means your overall writing score will be around Band 6.5

Key point: Don’t neglect writing task 1 even though it carries fewer points, your overall writing has to be good to get a Band 7 or more.

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