IELTS writing: model answer on accommodation.

IELTS two part question essay on renting or owning a home.

A two part question essay is pretty straightforward. Simply answer the first question in main body one, explain and give an example and answer the second question in main body two. In the thesis statement briefly answer both questions. See the structure and the model answer below. The task is from Cambridge IELTS 15.

It is very important to spend a couple of minutes analysing the task question to understand the general topic as well as the specifics of what is you need to write about. Set aside 10 minutes to plan and get ideas for an IELTS essay. Leave a few minutes at the end to check the essay for mistakes such as spelling etc.

IELTS two part question essay structure.

IELTS two part question essay structure

Model Answer

In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might this be the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

It is argued that in some nations owning a property is much more important than renting. This is mainly because owning a home gives a feeling of security, stability and the freedom to renovate it. In my view, this is a positive development as homeowners can make money if they sell their house in the future.

To begin with, if people own their own home they do not have to worry about paying monthly rent and are less anxious about restrictions on decorating the interior. In other words, they tend to feel more stable and comfortable than if they were renting. This enables them to renovate and decorate their abode according to their desires, without the worry of a landlord complaining. For instance, recent research has shown that in the UK the vast majority of new homeowners feel that owning a home is an investment, so they spend most of their income on DIY projects, interior goods and decorating.

I believe that there is a huge advantage to owning a home because it is an investment where the value of the house increases every year. That is to say when someone buys a house and installs a new kitchen, bathroom and redesigns the interior, the value of the property rises considerably. For example, in England people who rent their homes will never get that money back, whereas those who buy a property can sell it for a considerable profit after just a few years, even in a tough economic situation.

In conclusion, owning a house or flat gives one a sense of security and the choice to redecorate. In my opinion, this is a great benefit because people who invest in their place can sell it later on at a profit.

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