IELTS process diagram on instant noodles

IELTS noodles diagramWriting task 1 process: How instant noodles are manufactured.

Updated: October 2023

This task is from Cambridge IELTS 15 page 71. Before you begin writing it is important to analyse the task for a few minutes.

In this case, it’s a process diagram where I will need to use the passive voice grammar and sequencers to show the steps. You can see more detail on the grammar and vocabulary needed for this kind of task in this post here.

The task must have an overview where you briefly outline the main stages, do not add too much detail to the overview. The body paragraphs are where you can write in more detail.

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Source: Cambridge IELTS 15

Model Answer

The diagram illustrates the way in which instant noodles are made. Overall, there are eight steps in the whole process, beginning with flour being transported from storage silos to the mixer, to the cooking and drying process and the labelling and sealing of the finished product.

In the first stage, flour is taken from storage silos and delivered to the noodle factory by truck. After that, the flour is put through a mixer where water and oil are added. Following this, the mixture passes through rollers where dough sheets are formed. As soon as the dough sheets are created, they then go through a machine and are cut into strips. Once they have been formed into strips, the noodles are turned into discs where they are then cooked in oil and dried.

In the final steps, the instant noodles are put into cups where vegetables and spices are added for flavour, then the cups are labelled and sealed. Once the whole process is completed, they are then ready to be delivered to shops and consumed. 

173 words


I have combined the overview with the introduction. Always start your overview with the word ‘Overall‘ so that the examiner can easily spot it.

The overview in a process diagram should mention how many stages there are.

In terms of the word count, aim for over 160 words but under 190 words. 200 words is far too long for IELTS writing task 1 academic.

For a more detailed lesson on the grammar and vocabulary for a process see this lesson here.

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