IELTS writing task 1: Table with dynamic data

Model answer for a table with a trend.

As mentioned in other posts regarding IELTS academic writing task 1, data can be either static or dynamic. Static data shows no changes over time, you may get a table or a graph where you need to make comparisons. However, it is important to analyse the task first as in this model answer below the data changes over time. So this is using trends language as it is dynamic data.

For a lesson on trends language with dynamic graphs see this link here.

Spend 2 or 3 minutes analysing the task and pick out the key features. In this table below, you will see that the male and female employee numbers declined sharply over the period, whereas factories increased and then dipped.

It is not advised to write about everything, just summarise and keep it concise at under 190 words.

IELTS employees and factories table

Model Answer

The table illustrates the proportion of factory staff and factories in England and Wales over 50 years from 1851 to 1901.

Overall, the table indicates that the total number of employees witnessed a significant drop throughout the whole period, whereas the number of factories increased substantially over the fifty year timeframe.

Regarding employee numbers, male factory staff in 1851 comprised 287,100 compared to190,000 females. The figure declined rapidly for males in the years after 1851 dropping to a low of 31,000 in 1901. Figures in the female category also witnessed a sharp decline dropping to 160,000 in 1861, which was more than that of male workers at the time. By 1901 female employee numbers were almost equal to males at 30,000. In total, the workforce figure plummeted from 477,100 in 1851 to 61,000 by 1901.

Looking at the data for factories, these accounted for 225 in 1851. Then the figure jumped sharply after 1861, peaking at 721 factories by 1881. In the following 20 years numbers dropped slightly, totalling 600 factories by 1901.

171 words

The task must be written in paragraphs, as you can see there is a short introduction, a concise overview and I have separated the employee numbers and factory data into 2 paragraphs.

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