Grammar lesson: Either, Neither, Both

Mini grammar lesson: How to use Either, Neither, Both..


1. Both / Either / Neither

We can use both/either/neither for two things. Often used with a noun.

For example:

a. Both restaurants are very expensive.
b. Neither restaurant is expensive.
c. We can go to either restaurant, It doesn’t matter which one.

Wrong: Either restaurant was cheap and the food wasn’t good
Right: Neither restaurant was cheap and the food wasn’t good.
(Neither is used in a negative sentence here)


2. Both of / Either of / Neither of

Also we can use both of /either of /neither of + the, these, my, his, hers etc…..

For example:

a. Both of the restaurants were cheap and the food was good
b. Neither of the restaurants were expensive.
c. I haven’t been to either of those restaurants, but I heard they are good.

Wrong: Both us are interested in sport
Right: Both of us are interested in sport

After neither of a singular or plural verb is possible. Neither of the children want to go to bed / Neither of the children wants to go to bed.. these are both ok.

Take a look at the examples below: Neither is usually negative and Either is positive in meaning here.

1. “Which would you prefer, Tea or Coffee? “ Both are ok, I don’t mind.”
2. “Do you like Pop music or Rock music? “ “ Neither, I prefer Classical music”
3. “Would you like some wine or beer? “ “Either is ok, I don’t mind”

Are the sentences below correct? send a comment in the box below with your answers.

1. “Do you want tea or coffee? “ “Neither, it doesn’t really matter”
2. “When is best to call you, morning or evening” “ Either is ok, I’m home all day.
3. “Where did you go on Vacation, London or Paris? “ We went to either, a week in Paris and a few days in London.


3. Either / Or

Either and Or are used when there is a choice of things.

For example:

a. Either we can go to Spain or England for vacation, which would you prefer?
b. I can either buy a new house or go on a trip round the world, I cant decide yet

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