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My name is Ray and I run a small English school in Kyushu, Japan called London Language Lounge.
I have been teaching IELTS since 2009 and I founded IELTS Focus in 2016 to help my students hit their target score in the IELTS exam. I also have an online writing correction service and one to one IELTS speaking sessions online.

Many students are completely misinformed or confused about IELTS so the aim of this website is to clear up confusion and show you clearly what you need to do to get a Band 7 or more.

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IELTS speaking sessions online.

I offer 30-minute IELTS mock speaking sessions online covering part 1 to 3 of the speaking exam.  Full feedback is given to help you find what is stopping you from getting a higher band score in your speaking. This is a one to one session on Skype or Zoom. Click here for more details.

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