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Hi, I’m Ray and I own an English school in Japan (London Language Lounge). I have been teaching IELTS since 2009. I founded IELTS Focus to help my students get a high band score in the IELTS exam. This website contains free blog articles, tips, strategies and free lessons to help you on your IELTS journey. This site covers each part of the IELTS test, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing task 1 and Writing task 2 essays.

There is a lot of bad advice out there regarding IELTS, therefore, many students are completely misinformed or simply confused. The aim of this website is to clear up confusion and show you clearly what you need to do to hit Band 7 or more.  Bear in mind that it takes a lot of work and preparation to get a high score in IELTS. There are no shortcuts.

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Recent free lessons and blog posts

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IELTS Focus offers 40-minute mock speaking sessions online.  Full feedback is given to help you find what is stopping you from getting a higher band score in your speaking. This is a one to one lesson on Skype or Zoom. Click here for more details.

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